I know I don’t have to prove anyone except myself my worth but even proving myself is like looking in the mirror unhappy and blinking at every corner and blinking and not knowing what to do next… When I say I’m “over” it I think I use the word more freely but this time in serious I really don’t know… I’m sorry my post have been over the edge but hey then again these are thoughts this always happens at night I let my mind wander past it’s normal

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It’s awesome being around talented artists 24/7 and seeing cool stuff on tumblr and get motivated but I literally can’t stand photos anymore all my work is just like everyone else landscapes and city streets it can only be so tasteful as far as my personal risqué self portraits they are starting to look like the next girls I don’t know how to separate myself or have any new ideas I feel unmotivated and a piece of shit photographer I been doing this since 14 now I wanna sweep it under my bed and forget I was ever into that shit the Internet fucking sucks no more originality everyone wants to be everyone else :-/

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